Satin 50 Dorèe 50ml

50ml / 1.70 fl. oz

Satin 50 contains high protection SPF 50 clinically evaluated in the laboratory and in real conditions of high solar radiation. 100% safe and effective formula.

It optimally combines UVA and UVB protection to obtain maximum effectiveness against solar radiation. The face is one of the most delicate areas of the body, as well as the most exposed to solar radiation, which causes up to 80% of skin aging. Our formula stands out for having excellent skin tolerance and low environmental impact.

It contains sugars and moisturizing factors of natural origin, whose action on the skin results in an increase in long-lasting hydration. Defend your skin against dehydration caused by sun exposure. It prevents dry skin and provides a feeling of comfort for hours, thanks to its ability to prevent transepidermal water loss, in addition to protecting the skin, giving it greater vitality and firmness