The beginnings

LARIMIDE is a brand of Laboratorio Español de Investigación Cosmetológica, a company created in Alcoy in 2012 as a manufacturer of cosmetic products to third parties by the marriage formed by Mauricio Sanchis, third generation of a dynasty dedicated to the manufacture of Spanish cosmetic products, and his wife Sonsoles Albert , a pharmacist specialized in cosmetic formulation.

At the end of 2016, after realizing that national brands could not bear the cost of products with a high percentage of active materials, the couple made the decision to launch their own brand, LARIMIDE, with the successful Immediate Lifting Effect product tested before notary, already known as “The lifting of the celebrities”, that quickly turned to be best-selling product in Amazon.

From that moment, all the first-quality formulations developed since the creation of the company that were commercially “impossible” due to their high cost, have been incorporated into different sub-brands, created specifically for each sales channel within the umbrella of Quality of LARIMIDE.


Laboratorio Español de Investigación Cosmetológica has won the CEEI IVACE awards for the best business project 2014 and best trajectory in 2015 given by the European Center for Innovative Enterprises (CEEI) and the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE). In 2017 awarded with the Golden Medal by AEDEPI (Spanish Assotiation of Image Professionals). Also, it been the winner of the Health Beauty & Wellness award for the Best Cosmetic Manufacturing and R&D Specialists -Spain 2020 and Best Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing Specialist – Spain 2021 awarded by Lux Life Magazine. Recently, it has been awarded by Cámara de Alicante as (Best Covid-19 business reinvention) and by Cámara de Alcoy as (Best Business Internationalization).

Global presence

Customers from 40 countries use products manufactured by Laboratorio Español de Investigación Cosmetológica. Due to the flexibility established in the company, the products cover all segments of cosmetics from beauty salons, dematological clinics, spas, gyms or online sales.