LarimidePro skin care

LARIMIDE PRO are beauty rituals created for all those people who want to take their beauty to another level and live a unique experience at the hands of beauty professionals on the way to being more beautiful.

LARIMIDE PRO products cover all the needs of the skin, combining cabin treatment with use at home to be able to exert a total action every day of the month and obtain miraculous results in record time.

Apart from the complementary functions of cleansing, massage and finishing, the LARIMIDE PRO rituals revolve around 3 concepts: chemical exfoliation withn peels with organic ingredients of biologic origin (Biopeels), direct activation through the use of specific ampoules for each treatment (Shock) and detoxification and relaxation provided by alginate masks (Alginasine).

LARIMIDE PRO, rituals at the forefront of professional cosmetics.

LARIMIDE PRO products are formulated by pharmacists with scientifically advanced molecules, tested and biocompatible with the dermal needs of all skin types. With selected ingredients that turn professional cosmetics into an avantgarde art that looks to the future, with highly effective products and seeking immediate results. Rituals designed by professionals according to the needs of the skin and the specific concerns of the clients.

LARIMIDE PRO has a position of 100% transparency with the ingredients it uses, as it is firmly committed to the environment and seeks to develop products that are in line with ethical and sustainable practices, where the goal is to leave a minimal carbon footprint. That is why the percentages of the active ingredients that compose it are detailed on the labelling of each product.

All LARIMIDE PRO products are manufactured in Spain, vegan, dermatologically tested, not tested on animals, and reusable or recyclable eco-friendly packaging is used as part of its commitment to the environment.