Melanze Tranexamic Home – Biochemical Peel

30ml / 1.02 fl. oz

It contains a whole battery of actives destined to fight dermal hyperpigmentation, affecting each of the steps of melanin formation. Compared with professional use, this product has a moderate concentration of active ingredients, designed so that users without training can use this product at home with all the advantages it offers, but with a formula designed to be used in hands that do not have to be necessarily experts. Despite this fact, its way of use is extremely important to be followed step by step to avoid unwanted adverse reactions.

It is a medium biochemical peel that manages to attack the most superficial layers of the dermis, the layer below the epidermis, achieving a noticeably smoother skin from the first application. Deeper marks and stains will disappear with subsequent applications. The most optimal frequency is every two or three weeks, depending on the recovery that is observed, since each skin does it at a different rate. And depending on the results sought, carry out the peeling in a more delayed way until the desired effects are achieved, or rest in spring and summer. Designed for people in older ages, with more accentuated signs and marks, or with more serious problems of pigmentation and roughness of the skin.