Scarpeel – Cream

50ml / 1.70 fl. oz

Designed to treat atopic skin and prevent future breakouts. SCARPEEL CREAM’s plant-based actives will help repair irritated skin and dramatically protect skin tissue after professional biochemical peeling treatment.
Its moisturizing effect is due to the lipids and components of the stratum corneum that nourish and protect the skin, restoring the barrier function through the high hydration of Vitamin F. It has anti-aging effect thanks to the benefits of chamomile, licorice and rosemary extract . And a repairing effect created from a synergy of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that act on all the needs of the skin, achieving a repairing effect and maintaining the vitality of our skin cells.
It is essential to avoid sun exposure after treatment. That is why it contains sunscreen to avoid dermal irritations after the biochemical peel.