Melanze – Cream

50ml / 1.70 fl. oz

It contains a highly effective cosmetic complex to homogenize and lighten the skin by interfering with the formation of melanin, the natural pigment responsible for skin color.
Based on the structure of the tyrosinase enzyme in fungus, MELANZE CREAM is capable of inhibiting the activity of the enzyme obtaining an illuminating efficacy without any toxicological response such as eye irritation, phototoxicity or skin sensitivity.
The efficacy and stability in MELANZE CREAM are clinically proven. It performs a photoprotective effect (prevention of skin damage induced by UV rays) obtaining results in just two months. It provides a more homogeneous and less dark skin tone, reduces hyperpigmented areas and protects the skin from future pigmentation.
The results show a statistically significant reduction in tyrosinase activity: up to 24.7%, which implies a reduction in melanin in the skin.
Dermatologist Evaluated: The percentage of improvement in melasmas shows a reduction between 26 and 50% at 30 days and a reduction between 51 and 75% at 60 days using MELANZE CREAM daily.