Outdoor & Indoor Immune System Restoration

IMMUNIFY Outdoor & Indoor Immune System Restoration Larimide

Ever dreamt with a line of products that will not only protect your body from external aggressions building a healthy immune defense response but also negate the harmful effects of indoor ones including digital pollution caused by the blue
light emitted by electronic devices?.

Immune responses are the most important defense mechanisms of the skin to help our body ward off invading pathogens and build immune memory. Poorly functioning cutaneous immunity will unleash a host of skin problems and severely affect the over-all health of the skin. In addition to unhealthy skin, the microbiome will be severely affected as immune functions slow down, resulting in various types of skin conditions such as Acne, Atopic Eczema and Rosacea.

At LARIMIDE, we are all about scientifi-based realistic innovation, where we strive to keep up with the changing landscapes of our planet, and where we keep abreast of all the rapidly emerging new skin aggressors.

We present, IMMUNIFY, an evidence-based approach unique line that will address all these important issues to maintain a long lasting healthy immune-mediated response with products that will lend microbiome and immune restoring benefis.

IMMUNIFY Outdoor & Indoor Immune System Restoration Larimide


Solar radiation (Light pollution), invading pathogens and toxins damage skin from outdoor exposure and result in compromised skin immunity and downregulated infection fihting complement proteins.

IMMUNIFY Outdoor Immune System Restoration Larimide

IMMUNIFY OUTDOOR is an Ecocert complex (Cosmos approved) obtained from a probiotic lactic acid producing bacterium, containing cytoplasm and cell wall fragments that increase the immunocompetence of skin cells.

  • A probiotic anti-aging approach towards skin renewal.
  • Induces production of key ingredients of skin quality and diffrentiation
  • Improves keratinocyte cohesion
  • Increases the production of antimicrobial peptides
  • Induces skin renewal, desquamation and accelerates skin barrier recovery.
  • Optimum hydration level.
  • Skin’s healthy appearance.



All our electronic personal devices emit harmful blue light resulting in damage to the entire skin matrix, accelerated and disrupted skin along with disrupted circadian rhythms disturbing sleep patterns which will lead to unhealthy skin functions and a dysfunctional immune response.

Even sunlight exposure at home through large windows will result in defiitive down regulation of the skin immune system, as regular windows allow UVA to pass right through.

IMMUNIFY INDOOR is a cosmetic complex developed to stimulate skin‘s own defense against blue light based on algae, aminoacids, vitamins, sugars and minerals. It minimizes the appearance of ageing after exposure to blue light and UV, reduces skin damage caused by natural and artifiial blue light sources and improves overall skin appearance and offers even skin tone.

IMMUNIFY Indoor Immune System Restoration Larimide
  • EVEN SKIN TONE. Reduces immediate blue light induced skin pigment darkening and dark spots (in vivo). Reduces immediate blue light induced skin redness (in vivo). Rebalances faster to skin normal pigmentation (in vivo)
  • PREVENTING SKIN PREMATURE AGING. Protects against oxidative stress. Reduces free radicals (ROS) and carbonylated proteins levels after blue light exposure (ex vivo)
  • BOOSTING SKIN’S OWN DEFENSE. Stimulates firoblasts viability and collagen production (collagen III) (in vitro & ex vivo). Protects and repairs Fibroblasts viability against UVA exposure (in vitro). Repairs the skin barrier function and protects Keratinocytes against UVB (ex-vivo)
  • Stimulates skin’s own defence against blue light, UVA and UVB
  • Reduces blue light induced skin darkening and age spot
  • Reduces oxidative stress and carbonylated proteins Restores and boost Collagen production (especially Collagen III youth collagen)



Algaes are the oldest plant surviving geological ordeals, very stable, resistant and resilient organisms, rich in nutrients that have become source of effective bioactives for pharnaceuticals, nutraceuticals and skin care.

Scenedesmus rubescens algae is a unicellular organism that has a very strong cell wall, the unique protection against harsh environment (sunlight, current, pollution). It contains Red Dots, rich in carotenoids, a compound known to absorb blue light. In fact, Red Lens scientifially blocks blue light.

Also, this algae has a circadian cycle, growing with daylight and multiplying by
cellular division in the dark.


Several key amino acids (Proline, Glycine, Alanine, Arginine) stimulating collagen
synthesis and boosting epidermal renewing (Glutamic acid).


Multifunctional Vitamin B3, plays a central role in cellular metabolism. Energy storage, for healthy skin barrier, even pigmentation, anti-oxidant for multi-functional anti-aging benefis.


Important mono and oligosaccharides relevant to stimulate cell proliferation
and increase of extracellular matrix biosynthesis.


Zinc, trace element, essential cofactor for biosynthesis of bio molecules for the collagen synthesis.


Our bodies need adequate vitamin D to produce the antimicrobial proteins that kill viruses and bacteria. If there is not enough vitamin D circulating, the body is less
effective at producing these proteins and more susceptible to infection. Your skin is
responsible for manufacturing your innate vitamin D.

The more you stay indoors, the less vitamin D will be produced naturally. In fact, Vitamin D is the ONLY vitamin that your body actually makes, and the skin is the prime organ responsible for manufacturing this health-giving most important vitamins.

Optimal Vitamin D levels have shown to decrease the incidence of eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. In fact, beyond the skin, healthy Vitamin D levels are critical for heart, bone, nervous tissue, and immune health. It can also prevent strokes and cancer.

Our products will kick-start the skin to produce vitamin D and restore skin health and promote overall well-being.


Sun protection is important at home as well. Remember solar rays pass through windows unless they are tinted. Your home and offie windows will usually not be tinted and hence will offer no protection from UVA/UVB seeping in through windows or sunrooms.

It’s a smart idea to wear a light sunscreen when indoors, especially if you live or work in a area that allows in a lot of sunlight. Our safe and effiient sunscreens have been formulated to protect you against UVA/UVB, HEVL and INFRARED light. Hence, our IMMUNIFY sunscreens are triple broad-spectrum sunscreens that will offer protection from all the major wavelengths of light across the full spectrum of light including florescent bulbs that emit HEVL as well.



The immune system is a complex network of cells, organs and tissues that work in tandem to protect the body from infection. The immune system keeps a record of every germ (microbe) it has ever defeated so it can recognise and destroy the microbe quickly if it enters the body again. This is known as immune memory.

The germs we are exposed to over a lifetime, as well as lifestyle factors like stress, sleep, diet and exercise all play a role in the strength of our immune response.


The ability of the body to produce a normal immune response following exposure to an antigen is called immunocompetence, being the opposite of immunodefiiency.


Probiotics may boost immune system responses and promote the healthy bacterial populations in our gut. The skingut axis has long been studied. Scientifi studies have shown that an unhealthy gut will result in unhealthy skin.


Prebiotics stimulate immune system either direct or indirectly through the increase of benefiial microbes or probiotics, specially lactic acid bacteria and bifiobacteria in the gut.


Only 40% of solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface is blue light, a color in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by human eyes. It surrounds us everywhere to the point that they are the reason why the sky appears blue when they collide with air molecules. So where do the rest of blue light rays come from?

They are emitted from your personal electronic devices. Hence, if 60%-70% of Blue light also known as HEVL is emitted from your personal devices, everyone across all age groups will be affected by the negative effects of prolonged HEVL emission. According to Mintel, millennials check their phones 157 times a day in comparison to adults who only check their phones 30 times a day. This exposes users to blue HEVL that affects sleep and reduces skin’s antioxidant levels.

Note: In 2018 an study by Q1 2018 Total audience report The Nielsen Company (US) showed that American Adults spend over 10 hours per day on electronic devices.


Blue light penetrates deep into the skin contributing to short and long term skin

Skin hyper-pigmentation and dark spots.

Premature aging of skin induced by oxidative stress by increasing levels of free radicals (reactive oxygen species) and generating carbonylated proteins, proteins loosing their functionality (responsible for yellowish, brownish color).

Less production of collagen: the firoblasts are damaged loosing their functionality leading to accelerated aging (UVA adverse effect).

Skin barrier impaired: the keratinocytes are damaged, increasing number of sunburn cells (UVB adverse effect).

Apart from the apparent damage to the skin, blue light exerts negative effects on human health.

Eye damage (retina, macular degeneration).

Exposure to HEVL in the late evening impacts the circadian rhythm (suppress production of melatonin and interferes with sleep) as blue light is picked up acutely by the retina and will severely disrupt normal sleep patterns.


A sleep-deprived immune system cannot perform as well as a healthy immune system. Disrupted sleep can even show up on your face and cannot be overstated. Beta-endorphins and oxytocin (anti-inflmmatory molecules) repair all our organs while we sleep including epidermis. A lack of sleep will prevent these molecules from doing their job. How can we help? By adding melatonin and lavender, we can restore the sleep patterns. A good night’s rest will boost immune functions that in turn will promote healthly skin functions.


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