What is it?

Immediate Lifting Efect is a potent immediate lifting effect serum that quickly and spectacularly hides wrinkles, fine lines and combats the loss of facial firmness. Furthermore, it helps the skin’s repairing process.

Thanks to the sugar branches, a three dimensional network is created, with a large number of interactions between molecules and intercellular lipids of the stratum corneum membrane, the outermost layer of the skin. These interactions are maintained once the product is absorbed creating a film on the skin.

How it works



With LARIMIDE® skin instantly has an appearance of less wrinkles.
In two minutes we achieve a new level of perfection and firmness in the skin. The facial contour is firmer, smoother and defined.
It hides eye bags in record time.


In just 4 weeks, skin looks smoother and regains its firmness and elasticity. 72% of volunteers showed a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines (+33%) and (-17%) wrinkles.

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way of use

How do I apply LARIMIDE®?

With hydrated and dry skin, apply a small amount on the index finger and spread it on the wrinkled area through a light tapping. LARIMIDE® should not be rubbed. Let it dry and you will notice the action immediately. The faster it dries, the better (use a fan, if you can, to speed up the process). Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Try not to make facial gestures while you apply it, the results will be better.

How long does the effect last?

The effect of LARIMIDE® may vary depending on the skin type. Likewise, its duration is not always the same. You can use LARIMIDE® as many times a day as you want, not only in the most special moments.

How much quantity should I apply?

You should use a very small amount of LARIMIDE®, the size of a pea, on each area to be treated, since it has a very concentrated formula and the results require the exact product quantity. If you use too much quantity, it may appear white residue on the skin.

What do I do with the white residue?

If you use too much LARIMIDE® and white residue appears on the skin, you should use a wet pad to gently remove it.

How to use LARIMIDE® vial?

The first thing you need to do to use LARIMIDE® is uncap the vial (do not throw the cap!) and use scissors to cut the cannula off. Once you apply the serum, remember to put the cap back, so that the product does not get dry and blocks the vial.

Do I use LARIMIDE® before or after my daily moisturizer?

LARIMIDE® is an innovative product, the more experienced you become with its application the better results you will get.

To optimize its results, we recommend you to try LARIMIDE® in different ways, using it before or after your daily moisturizer and comparing the results to see which way fits you best. If you use your moisturizer first, you should wait until it is fully absorbed before applying LARIMIDE®.

We also suggest you to try different options when applying make-up. If you decide to use LARIMIDE® first, you should wait 5 minutes until it is fully absorbed.

Where do I apply LARIMIDE®?

We suggest to use it in the areas of the face more prone to wrinkles, especially eye bags, crow’s feet, corners of the lips and wrinkles.

With one application at a time is enough, LARIMIDE® smooths skin and hides the signs of aging, providing a more youthful appearance instantly.

Who is it for?

We suggest using it from 30 years, but it can be used before without any problem.

Does the formula include parabens?

This product does not include parabens, it contains other preservatives with a safer toxicity profile.

Does it have any risk?

LARIMIDE® is a dermatologically tested product, it acts at the most superficial level of the skin, and it has no contraindications.

How do I remove LARIMIDE®?

Larimide can be removed by using abundant water, if necessary you can apply lotion or micellar water.

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